Hans Does More Than Paint Walls

How Hans Creates A Decorative Painting Solution That’s Right For You/

Hans will consult with you to discover exactly what you want. He wants to understand your life and work styles to suggest options that complement how you use your space.

He’ll discuss your colour preferences. And he’ll study your rooms’ existing decorative pieces, furniture and features to develop a palette that matches your needs, tastes, and decor.

Next, he’ll narrow down colour choices using proven psychology of colour. He’ll help you understand how people react to colours so you can choose the right paints for the mood you desire and the image you want to project.

If you are not familiar with the effects and looks Hans can achieve with decorative painting, please view the photos in the gallery. Words alone can’t do justice to what he can do with paint!

Hans Does More Than Paint Walls/

On request, Hans custom paints other surfaces and objects with finishes, designs, and decorative touches to make them unique.

Hans also offers interior decor advice and services. He’ll help you select finishing pieces that work with your furnishings and colour choices. And he can select and install mirrors and mouldings that complement the decorative painting and visually enrich spaces.

He also works with interior designers and decorators to support the decorative process. Hans uses colour and paint design to draw the eyes to desired focal points in rooms and spaces. And he also uses decorative paint to draw the eyes away from problem areas and weaknesses.