How To Approach A Decorative Painting Project

You can look at decorative painting in three broad ways.

First, paint can play a supporting role and stay in the background. That doesn’t mean your colour choices have to be dull. Careful colour selection and subtle variations can highlight the furnishings, decorations, and light in a room.

Second, painting can co-star in rooms and be on equal footing with space and contents. Decorative paint and colour lets you increase the impact of a room and unify the arrangement and contents of a space.

And third—this is our favourite—paint can take center stage. You can select decorative and colour options that stand alone as the focus and feature of a space, yet still harmonize with the decor.

Whichever option you choose Hans will consult with you to understand what you are looking for then suggest creative ways to achieve your interior decorating goals. Hans is excited to be your Vancouver painter.