A harmonized interior decor using different shades of beige, taupe, and light blue create a neutral backdrop for this contemporary decor. A completely symmetrical floor plan creates balance and is pleasing to the eye.
Decorative Painter: Hans Haest
Interior Designer: Susan Geddes

Decorative Painting Techniques In Haest Projects

Hans uses a diverse palette of standard and decorative painting techniques to create memorable, one-of-a-kind spaces. Hans will customize a solution to achieve the feeling or look you want in your living or working space.


Hans specializes in using colour and decoration to create a particular mood. You can have the rooms you’ve always dreamed of. Pick a style—modern, classic, playful, stimulating, energizing, calming, or relaxing—and Hans will paint it.


Hans uses a variety of decorative and faux painting techniques: dry combinations, wet combinations, multiple colours on one wall, his signature vertical and horizontal striping, and metallic paints. He uses ragging, bagging, dry brushing, sponging, dragging and colour wash techniques to achieve decorative effects customized for the individual tastes and needs of his clients.